Monday, January 02, 2012


Just had a blast with my ladies as we celebrated our year ender party on the 30th of December oh! eleven.. .
It was fun just being our crazy selves. .
I'll never get tired goofing around, being stupid and grabbing each other's boobs with them favorite girls! 
haha. .
 As you have noticed, we were all at our best in costumes with the theme: MTV Video Music Awards.
Everybody dressed and acted according to the chosen artist we preferred to portray. ..
L - R: Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, 'She' Guevarra (okay, not a singer but we need her for a shoot to kill mission for Lady Gaga. . haha!!!), and  Nelly Furtado (more like pregnant J.Lo as my friends commented. . heee)
L - R: Jennnifer Lopez, Avid FAN! (haha!!!), Posh Spice and Ke$ha
L - R: Rihanna, Beyonce, Erykah Badu and Beyonce. . . again. . haha!!!
L - R: Steven Tyler, News Flash: Jonathan Davis with Erykah Badu . . together!!! and Selena Gomez.. .
What would I do without these gorgeous ladies eyy?
 Avid fan and Katy Perry going gag over Posh Spice! Haha!!!!
 Another boob grabbing moment. . .
It's okay, it's a normal gesture for us girls. .. 
 Ke$ha with LMFAO!
 She Guevarra aiming for a perfect sniper shot to Lady Gaga.. HAHA!!!
How can you ever loathe these ladies?. ..  
I love you 'Pre's'!
To make the night more interesting our friend, Leigh organized our very own Trivia Night!
Hooray! Para ma iba naman. ..
Most of the questions were mind boggling and were really quite tough .. 
yet it was just a piece of cake for the Manila Kingpins!!! which is our very own group because we won First Place!!!
Congrats to you pre for organizing the Trivia Night!
Pwede nah, pwede! 
haha .. 
Say hello to our DDG Internationals who were on live feed via Skype. .
we missed you big time girls. .. 
Thank God for internet connections!
Top - Bottom: Lelil from Oregon, USA
Mansi, from Adelaide, South Australia
Not in the photo: Panee, Virginia, USA
Tantoy, God knows where in the world she was!
Get ready for the after party!
Chillin' after the after party. . .
redundant eyyy. . .
I don't know about you but I know I got the best ladies in town .. .
Cheers to 'God knows how many years of friendship' we have my girls. ..
I would never trade you guys for anything in this world. ..

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