Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Festival Watch: Coachella 2012

As a music and arts festival enthusiast I always look forward to these various outdoor celebrations as the new year starts. Aside from celebrating our very own religious festivity, Sinulog which will be happening a few days from now (hooray!), I'd also watch out for Coachella which will be happening around summer (Philippine time) live on the. . internet. ..  *unfortunately* boohoo . .. ;(
the PAKENG SHET line up ...
The Black Keys. Arctic Monkeys. M83. Cat Power.Band of Skulls. Wolf Gang. 
Radiohead. Bon Iver. The Shins. Feist. Florence + the Machine. La Roux. Santigold. Calvin Harris. Snoop Dogg. .
                                                      I'd kill to witness Coachella in the flesh!                                                                                                              
For the love of Bjork .. 
 and Karen O. .. .
Aside from the being high from the ultimate eargasmic experience. .
 Coachella style never fails to amaze me as well. ..
this has been an item on my bucketlist categorized as *Priority*
haha. ..
you wish. .. 
but I know I'll make it happen and I'd definitely see you soonest Coachella.. .


  1. hahaa balley speaking of karen o, iyang soundtrak sa where.the.wild.things.are ako gcgeg play kato not feeling well c amadei 2 nights ago :)

  2. What's the title of the track Mommy J? ako paminawn! ;D

  3. Mao ni? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXflb9kF4RI kay cudiee paminawn! haha

  4. uuu..ug uban pa balleyy..hehee