Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Fly Like Paper Get High Like Planes

We aLL have that one chiLdhood memory of making paperpLanes, even annoying our teachers by fLying them in cLass. But gone are the days when you compared paperpLanes with friends and attempting to ‘outfLy’ each other by making it fLy higher or Last Longer in the air. Today, paperpLanes are repLaced with those high-tech gadgets that I’ve aLways find hard to get acquainted with, and the friends? Already mapped aLL over the gLobe. So how do we bring back those good oL’ days? That exactLy is the main goaL of the exhibit. So we asked our friends from aLL over (unfortunateLy, we couLdn’t find a contact from the Arctic or Antarctica) to take us with them to their pLace by taking photos of interesting spots in their area with an object that wouLd represent us - this is where the paperpLanes come in. The diversity in the photos is just raddd, from the differentLy made paperpLanes (the Origami paperpLanes from Japan are a fave!) to the unusuaL spots where the photos were taken. It just shows that we’ve got a bunch of creative friends! And we couLdn’t thank them enough for the time that they took from their busy Lives to participate in this LittLe project of ours. This exhibit is for them and by them, it is their exhibit, we are just the fortunate ones to execute it. ;-)
Peace, Love & RakEnRoLL, PiLar Nereida
A globe trotter for a night!
Happening later in the evening @ Handuraw Pizza Gorordo. . 
See you there!

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