Friday, June 08, 2012

Lazy Friday Night

drowning in to Erykah Badu and Stephen Marley's soulful beats. ..
just perfect for a lazy rainy Friday night.. .

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Kumakaway Kaway sa PAOAY

March 16, 2012
Few minutes trike ride from Batac, we reached our final destination in Ilocos Norte.
say hello to PAOAY. . . ;)
Completed in the 18th century, the church is famous for its distinct facade and is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Recently, it was under renovation as you can see structures of bamboo being set up around the church. However, the remodeling was interrupted as ordered by Imelda Marcos because the handwork did not appear appealing to her. 
Repairing ancient structures like this is not an easy feat. 
It generally takes time and a large amount of effort because you have to be meticulous in handling such detailed and delicate architecture. ..  
Just around the vicinity, we took a break @ Herencia Cafe and chilled just to cool our body from being exposed to too much UV rays the whole day. After rejuvenating ourselves with cold drinks and deserts, we headed to our last adventure stop of the day. .. .
 Paoay Sand Dunes. ..
A vast stretch of undulating sand dunes which was the setting for Tom Cruise's ' Born on the 4th of July' film, Mel Gibson's 'Mad Max' series and of course our very own 'Panday' series and films.
The 4 by 4 ride was pure radness!!!!! 
We drove roughly around and up and down on sandy hills. . 
I wouldn't even mind if I get thrown out from the jeep because the ride was so fast and furious!
 After being almost thrown out from the jeep, we halted on a steep sandy hill and did sand boarding for the first time. ..
Wohoooooo o o o. .. it felt like surfing only it was on fine hot sand . .
As the powder blue skies slowly turned into subtle hues of pink and orange we headed back to Laoag to catch up the bus ride heading Vigan. 
Before reaching the bus terminal, we stopped by Laoag's famous sinking Bell Tower. ..
We finally arrived at the bus terminal just in time for the next late afternoon trip to Vigan. 
We were extremely exhausted. .. but with all smiles. .

* Laoag trike tour with Rosal brothers, Jeremy and Eric: P600/trike 
- 2 trikes (P300 each + P25each for tip)

◘ I highly recommend these brothers as tour guides if you do not mind journeying around Laoag and Paoay with a trike ride. 
They are very accommodating and very knowledgeable about Ilocos.  
To avail of their services you can reach Kuya Jeremy Rosal through his mobile number:09102572426
They also offer private van tours covering Pagudpud, Laoag, Paoay and Vigan for p3,500 only. ;) 
* halo2x @ Herencia Cafe = P75/2 = P37.50
 * Sand duning and sand boarding = P2000/4 = P500

Bus to Vigan via cubao (fare - P133)
BBQ late dinner in Vigan  (P100)


For over 18 cycles, this is the second time round that my bet for ANTM won!
Yey for Sophie!
This lady's got the whole package and I am so relieved ANTM judges realized that. 
Your cotton candy hair and radiant personality would take you a long way. . 
Oh yeah, you're just fucking adorable.