Friday, December 30, 2011


so stoked for tonight's shindig!
will be expecting my fellow DDGs pulling off their chosen artists to portray. ..
i reckon this would be a lot of FUN!
see you all tonight my loves!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Fucking Holidays!

1) to the lady guard who courteously greets everyone 
upon entering the entrance with the sweetest smile
2) to the reputable big-time operator who frequents our place just
to get his blood pressure checked
3) to the jolly companions and BIG eaters I see everyday
4) to the mysterious towering guy out there who I am secretly crushing on .. ..
5) to the vibrant lady who prepares her delightful dishes with pure passion
6) to my globe trotter close friends who are privileged enough to see the world
7) to my lovely DDG ladies who's rooted friendship is one thing I would never trade the world for
8) to the two growing up ladies whom I never passed a day without having a cat fight with 
9) to the man I love and loathe the most, who sacrifices his fragile body and who frequently misses 
the most important occasions of family gatherings because his life belongs to the sea
10) to the superwoman who makes everything worthwhile and brings light in our home
11) to the man who believes in me, who bears with my cranky disposition; my confidant, my enemy, 
my partner in crime, my best friend. .. 
12) to the big guy in heaven to whom I will always fear and believe. ..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Give love and spread love by sending your donations to the Typhoon Sendong survivors. Donations are still accepted in all LBC branches nationwide. 
They can ship your goods to the designated places. 
DDG Society has sent around 5 boxes filled with used clothing and 120 bottles of water for free. 
Thanks to LBC! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Party Season Starts. .. Now!

A blast with the members of the Chong Hua Hospital Heart Institute; Coronary Care Unit, Cath Lab and Cardio Unit. 
With the theme of 'British' ala Prince Charles and Kate Middleton wedding.
Everyone else were on their party dresses/ suits and to complete our ensembles, we all donned on our unique and outlandish fascinators.
All smiles with the host of the party, Dr. Francisco Chio
The members of the different units showcased their talents through singing, dancing and role playing. 
It turned out as a  contest pala and luckily we won first place with a cash prize of p4,000! mwahahahah!!!!
The Cardio Fellows won the grand prize with a total of p5,000!!!
Congrats dokies!!!
To make the night more interesting, what started as a joke became an astonishing and amazing reality . . .
The first ever Miss Heart Institute! haha!!!
left to right: Kamila, our candidate from Cardio Unit stands confidently flashing a sweet and vibrant kilowatt smile; Lavinia from Nuclear Medicine, the voluptuous and the tallest of the bunch; Michelle from Cath Lab,  the porcelain-doll- like pretty lady with gorgeous gold locks and Karen from Coronary Care Unit, the most photogenic of them all. .. ;)
 HAHA!!! Seryes!!!!
Congrats to all the winners. Could not be more proud of our candidate who won first place!
I proud you , Kamila! HAHA (top)
Lavinia from Nuclear Medicine was crowned the first ever Miss Heart Institute 2011! (bottom)
Congrats guys!!! haha. .. 
The night was a total blast! It was fun sharing the Christmas spirit with you guys! 
 These cardiologists not only prescribe orders or perform procedures to fix your infarcted hearts they can also provide you an instant and delightful cure with free of charge. ..
from left to right: Dr. Michael Tabaloc, Dr. Francisco Chio, and Dr. Alex Junia
with the head of our unit and our second mother, Dr. Virgie Yap-Kong.
To more good times guys! Happy Holidays to everyone!
beanie-like with brown feathers fascinator: the streets of Colon, Cebu
leopard print sheer top: I.T. Park bazaar
black bandage skirt: People Are People
opaque black stockings: SM department store
black and white oxfords: Parisian, SM

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Camarines Sur

It's been six months since my last getaway. My itchy feet were craving for another adventure yet to be revealed. And then sweet November came. ..
I. Got up in the early-morning hour to catch the first flight bound for Manila. I have always loathed waking up sleep deprived yet the thought of experiencing a taste of paradise just felt like butterflies in my stomach!
From Manila, our succeeding flight to Naga got delayed for more or less 3 hours. Talk about cutting our itinerary short. Oh well, it was out of our control. Everything happens for a reason anyway. So while waiting, we ended up spreading our 'sarongs' in the corners of the airport and dozed off to recuperate and kill time. ;)
After all the waiting. ..
Finally. .. Hello NAGA! ;)
II. Headed straight to Camsur Watersports Complex. ..
My friends planned to try this sport out however the in-charge prioritized those listed ahead of us. They were entertaining the 3rd guests while we were listed at around the 28th. And it was already really late in the afternoon. We figured we might spend the night there and it was not according to our plan at all because we have to leave early the next morning for the island tours. I did not bother insisting as well because I never planned wakeboarding anyway since my last year's experience in Davao  
My whole body was sore the first day I did not get to enjoy that much the following days. .. 
Tough experience.. . tsk tsk
Anyhoo . ..
   So as an alternative, we spent the rest of the afternoon messing around those ginormous Wipe-Out-like inflatable obstacles! 
Unleashed the inner kid inside! 
We decided to call it a day and headed to our next destination which was Sabang, an hour and fifteen minutes ride from Naga where we booked a cottage to spend the night. Sabang serves as a jump-off point going to Guijalo port in Caramoan.
III. First ride to Caramoan was scheduled at 5:30 a.m and left around 6 am. The journey took two hours before we reached the beautiful island of Caramoan. 
The first thing that greeted us in the island were the gloomy skies and incessant showers of rain. 
I recalled it was a tough, muddy and noiseless ride going to our booked resort. I reckoned we each said a silent prayer and hoped for the rain showers would take a break. 
And this showed up .. .
With all smiles, we knew it was just the beginning of beautiful circumstances that was bound to happen. . ..
IV. All our uncertainties just drowned away with the gentle waves of the sea as Mr. Sun finally radiated its beauty later that morning. ..
Off to the gorgeous islas of Caramoan!
Explored over 7 islands for one whole day. .. ;)

Cheers to sweet 6 years to the Dawgs!
I love you both, keep the fire burning and remember to always have each other when everything else is gone.. 
You can put your jaw back into it's place now ..
I know right?. ..  
It's literally a jaw dropping experience!
The gentle waves, pristine turquoise waters,  beach embraced by lavish mountains, magnificent limestone cliffs, majestic rock formations, wide stretch of sugary white-sand shorelines. . . you know I could go on and on and on .. . . and on .. . hee .  ..
Since it was a Sunday, we proceeded to the island of Tabgon where the grotto of the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary stood paramount on hill. To make up for not hearing Sunday mass, we challenged ourselves and struggled up the steep hill consisting of 553 steps to get to the shrine of Mama Mary.
Anything for the Mother of all Nations. . . ;)
V. Exhausted from the whole day activity we headed back to our resort camp and treated ourselves a sumptuous gastronomical feast. 
To make the evening more magical our friend, Dauty planned out a surprise dinner date for Loura to celebrate their sixth year birthday. . .
of course with the help of their ever supportive friends. ..
tee hee. ..
  Before we called it a night, we celebrated the glorious beauty of Caramoan with a sky full of lanterns. . . ;)
Softly let your lanterns fly,
to the infinite beauty of the lustrous skies. ..
As the cool sea breeze gently delivers a sweet kiss
Close your eyes and make a wish  
VI. Woke up to a splendid view early the next morning as the sky impressively transformed into a huge canvas with strokes of subdued lighting in monochromatic shades of yellow and orange. The remarkable occurrence evoked a feeling of tranquility and melancholy at the same time with the thought of not wanting to leave the enchanting place so soon. .. . ;( 
But then again, it was time to bid farewell to Caramoan.
Boohoo. ...
Before we headed to the port for Sabang, we stopped by and offered our little prayers at St. Michael 's, which was a 15th century old church. 
Sailed back towards Sabang port with happy thoughts that lingered like a smoke after fire. ..
 VII. To end our awesome adventure, we made a quick detour at Sta. Cruz, Ocampo, Camarines Sur and dropped by the 5- hectare wide stretch of rich greens which was the humble abode of  over 300 species of deers from Australia. ..
I am ever grateful to the Lord for giving me a chance to experience something phenomenal like the Caramoan Islands. I firmly believe that the islands will continue to gain attraction from foreigners as well as the local tourists. I just hope in the upcoming years it will continue its state of preserving its natural resources uncontaminated by the streaks of exploitation.
 It's definitely one of the Philippine's secret paradise.

* 4 promo plane tickets = more or less 3,5K - 4K
* airport terminal fees = p200 - Cebu - Manila
                                         p200 - Manila - Naga
                                         p20 - Naga - Manila
                                         p 200 - Manila - Cebu
* CWC rates =
* Lago Del Ray
* cab ride from CWC to SM Naga City (20 - 30 minutes)  = p350 
* cab ride from SM Naga to Sabang (approx an hour and 15 minutes) = p900
* Sabang Beach Resort = p 600/ cottage/night (good for 3) [plus haggling- haha]
*  pump boat ride from Sabang port to Guijalo port of Caramoan (approx 2 hours) = p 120/pax 
* Guijalo Port to La Playa Picnic Grounds pick up service [back and forth]= p600
* La Playa Picnic Grounds = p1,200/ room (max 3 persons)
                                             = I give it a four out of five stars! good service, nice people, GREAT   affordable and reasonable food costs
                                               = jump-off point for the island hopping
* Island Hopping = p1,500 + additional p500 for additional far islands
* cab ride from Sabang Port to Naga Airport enroute Deer Farm = p1,100
   budget friendly alternatives: jeepney (p90); v-hire (p120)     
* pasalubongs (depending on your purchases) = p100 - p250? ? for packs of pili nuts, turrones and other delicacies. ..                                                                              
* TOTAL DAMAGE = 4K - 5K (plane tickets not included) 

*credits to Loura for recalling this list*
What are you waiting for?
Move. Eat and Learn.