Thursday, May 27, 2010

I ♥ Negros Oriental

8 Reasons Why I Adore Negros Oriental

1. Dumaguete City

One of my bucketlists includes a trip to Negros Oriental. Wish granted and I was able to venture out in the beautiful city of Dumaguete. I love how the city appears relatively small and convenient. It's like a miniature of Cebu. I love it! ;)

2. The Boulevard


 ◘ The vast stretch of the boulevard is such an amazing sight experience. It also fascinates me the fact that the locals never fail to lounge about the area despite the expanding new establishments around the location. Families do picnics, tourists enjoy taking snapshots, kabarkadas hang out and devour in tempurahans and etc.

3. The People

Dumaguete City is nicknamed The City of Gentle People. I was not certain of what their title really meant because as what I have observed, they don’t speak or act in an amiable manner. But there were significant ones who showed us pleasing personalities. The Manong in charge of the bangka ride to Apo Island was firm and strict regarding their policy of the number of people occupying in the big boat. The big boat’s accommodation is only limited to 8 persons. We were exactly 8 people and there were still 2 friends of ours who will be coming over in a short while. Manong promised he will take care of the other two so, off we go. And he really did. He offered our fellows a small bangka ride and only charged 300 per head. Thank you Manong. After our escapade at Apo Island, we made our way to the main road of Zamboangita to take a journey back home. We realized it’ll take us a while to find a ride. We were keeping our hopes high as we made gestures to passing vehicles to let us hitch a ride. After a few unfortunate attempts, a family car pulled over and offered us a drive back to the city. That was one of the sweetest travels ever. ;)

4. Geographical Wonders

We spent our first day wandering around the remote part of the city. We stopped by the "Smokin' Rock" like literally, it's a marvelous rock formation that emits an awful scent in the inferior part and it's water is boiling hot. It was my very first time to witness something like that. I was awed even though I was clueless as to what might have been the scientific explanation behind it. Oh well, amazing as it is, that's how nature works right.

Smokin' Rock!

As we went along further, we finally reached our destination to the Pulang Bato Falls. Again, like literally, the large rocks behind the waterfalls appear rust in hue and the water tasted like iron. We couldn't care less about it's odd appearance we just pursued and jumped in the cool water. We even payed a number of people's attention. If we were not mistaken, they were discreetly taking a video of us. haha!! assuming. We were rationalizing maybe it's their first time to see ladies in bikinis or their first time to see people swimming in a water with a questionably safety issue. The hell we care.

Pulang Bato Falls

5. Low-Budget Food

I find it amazing the fact that the city is surrounded with the fanciest restaurants yet it offers reasonable prices on their meals. We were inquisitive enough to try out a few of their dining places. I loved Cafe Antonio! We stopped by there to grab some late afternoon snacks and I got overwhelmed of the costs of their food so I ordered a few. At night, they have this place where in people hang out and chill with booze, great music and good food at the same time. The place is called Hayahay. It was "hayahay" indeed because it was situated at the seaside and the cool sea breeze just makes the night even more interesting. There's more to that. Who could miss trying out the city's SYLVANNAS! This mouth watering dessert will keep you craving for more bite after bite. Although I am not much of a sweet tooth, it definitely leveled up my sweet tolerance.

6. Dolphins
Oh yes! This was one of the most magical moments during the trip. On our way to Apo Island, we were greeted by a herd of dolphins! This was my very first time to see dolphins swimming along our pumpboat this close! See that ? ?? It was sooo breathtaking! I wish I was crazy enough to jump in the water to join with them. Like seriously. ;)

7. Apo Island
◘ This would definitely be the highlight of the trip. If you're a nature lover, then this is the place to be! Acclaimed as one of the best dive spots in the Philippines, Apo Island boasts its rich and blossoming marine sanctuary and the breathtaking view of the sun, sand and sea. It may not be the usual sugary white sand beach however it's magnificent build of the rock formation makes the island extra special. I am so going back there. ;)

Snorkeling in the Fish Sanctuary.

I missed documenting the Turtle Sanctuary. boohoo.

8. DDGs
◘ What better way to spend an awesome trip with the best company in the world.?. . . Yes, the DDGs, as what we fondly call ourselves will always be the best travel buddies.. .

To more adventures my girlies..



Million thanks to the Opsimas for the good lovin' and shelter support! HAHA ;)


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