Friday, May 31, 2013

IloIlo, Iloilo City

Throwback Thursdays on a Friday. 
Circa 2011
Discovered Iloilo for the first time and many thanks to Cebu Pacific Seat Sales for a hundredth time. haha.
For starters, Iloilo City was our side trip during that time. We were actually headed for Boracay Island however we had a one day idle time so we spent wandering around the highly urbanized city.
Iloilo City manifests historical structures inspired by the early Spanish colonial times. Strolling around the city and the distant towns felt like traveling back in the 16th century. 
Miag-ao Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
San Joaquin Church and San Joaquin Cemetery
Iloilo also boasts its gastronomical eats.
To name a few, la paz batchoy, pancit molo, biscocho, barquillos, etc. 
So after traveling to the distant towns, we drove back to the city and indulged on a sumptuous delightful snack at Ted's. 
Two thumbs up!
Best batchoy I ever consumed! :)
More of the city's historical sites. 
Calle Real - Downtown Iloilo

Nelly's Garden

Jaro Cathedral
After a long day, we headed to SM City Iloilo and pampered ourselves  with the help of them little fishes that exfoliated our exhausted feet. :)

Estimated damages:
Around <p1,800 round trip ticket Cebu - Iloilo, Kalibo - Cebu.
Food and fares while wandering around the city + Fish Spa at Tibiao Fish Spa, Sm City Iloilo = p150 + p150 = p300.
Off to Boracay! 

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