Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stabbing Pain

Few days ago. ..
I decided to have my condition confirmed. 
It took a lot of courage
Pain was tolerable though but it stabbed like hell. ..

Results will be out in a matter of days .. and weeks. . .

Good luck to me.. .

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chasing Random Thoughts

Why do I always get tired of my crazy short hair? because I missed it long and super short at the same time.

Why does it have to take 10 months and counting to achieve my dream job? Because making a countdown slows time more than usual.

Why can't I say no? Because I just go with the flow.

Why do I sport a different look? Because I can't stand looking like everyone else.

Why do they keep on pushing each other on who to go first? Because they're too lazy enough to do their job.

Why do you keep on sticking your tongue out in every photo? Because you think it's cute. I think it's fucked up.

Why do I always get the feeling I wouldn't reach the age past 40? Because I love meat. I miss getting drunk. It sucks to have barely salt in your diet. 

Why do I need to buy more clothes? Because no girl can ever have enough clothes!

Why does Wendy's do not exist anymore in Cebu? Because Peter Pan flew her to the North instead. Why not build a franchise again in the South side? boo!!! 

Why am I always hungry? Because food does not nourish me enough. Sometimes, it gets hungry too.. .

Why laugh so hard after a spontaneous day? Because we went skinny dipping and it wasn't an alcohol intoxicated night. 


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Du-aw DAVAO!

What to do in. ..

1) Wakeboarding

     Okay. I admit it. I'm not really the athletic type of girl but I wouldn't miss wakeboarding for the world! Deca Wakeboard Park was our first stop in our Davao adventure. The amazing water sport destination is situated at Tacunan, Mintal, which is 20 minutes away from the heart of the city. The cab ride going there was pretty costly though (about almost 300 pesos!!!) but we just couldn't risk taking the jeepney instead because we were not thoroughly oriented in the place yet. But hey, it was all worth it! Whole day activity (8:30am -5:30pm) costs p500 and half day activity (8:30am- 12:30pm & 1:30pm - 5:30pm) costs p300. And it was like unlimited wakeboarding till you're dead tired! And yeah, I was not kidding in the dead tired part... my body was sore to the ultimate level I could barely move a muscle. Like literally! HAHA.. 
       Heading home was a piece of cake though. Glad we were able to approach a few locals who did not hesitate in guiding us our way home. We took the L300 truck and Viola! for just p35, we arrived home safe and sound. ;)
Cool girl ;)

That cloud covered dormant volcano behind me is the famous Mt. Apo! Such a priceless view indeed!

The boyfriend's trying out the wakeboard.. You can do it!!!

I fell a lot of times. But trust me it was hell lot of fun! haha

for more info

2) Eat Durian 

     This sweet treat is the literal definition of a food that tastes like heaven but stinks like hell. I disagree the latter though. The smell does not really bothers me. I just don't get it why people think so. It sure has a pungent odor but it's not disgusting. Anyways, I was so fascinated every time I strolled around the streets of Davao city they're just like selling durian everywhere!!! If only I could bring home every piece of it! haha. . It certainly felt like heaven on earth. ;)

Durian has a lot of variety. Kuyaya is absolutely my preference!

3) Explore Samal Island
    We were exhausted much from yesterday's wakeboarding but that did not stop us from pursuing Samal Island! We just had to take a dose of the sun, sand and sea the Dabawenyo way. 

Welcome to Blue Jazz Resort! to get here you need a 3 minute motorboat ride from Davao mainland. .. Getting stoked has never been this accessible and convenient! ;)

Infinity pool

The Waterpark 

Guess who? It's our dear friend Myvan, who came all the way from Butuan City (4 hour drive from Davao City). Siya actually amo third wheel during the trip. HAHA

Bat Cave 
     We set off on a side trip at Samal Island's remarkable Monfort Bat Cave wherein the world's largest colony of fruit eating bats dwell. 

Hunting and disturbance of these species from the other bat caves in the region drove these bats to seek shelter in the sanctuary of Monfort Bat Cave

4) Indulge on street food
       After a day's escapade we just had to fill our starving stomachs with any edibles we spot on the streets. We call this budget- friendly-eat-all-you-can.. HAHA

                    The top photo is fried isaw. 
Middle photo is a friendly reminder from the street vendor.
           The bottom photo is chicken skin!!! 
     May Gaaad. Lami kaayu bai!!! and it only costs 5 pesos per pack. I wanted to bring home these heart attack inducing eats!!! Om nom nom!

5) Visit Philippine Eagle Foundation
      If you love animals and the nature, you would definitely enjoy an educational tour at Philippine Eagle Foundation. It houses  various species of birds, mammals and reptiles. The Center imitates a tropical rain forest atmosphere and offers guests a quick look of the country's forest ecosystem.    

All smiles with the Davao natives 

                     ◘ There's still so much to see in Davao but due to time constraints we were not able to venture more. I will definitely go back to Davao someday coz I would still love to pursue Eden Nature Park and go trekking at Mt. Apo. ..

Laters.. Davao! ;)

◘ Special thanks to Gabo's family for the love and shelter support! You know who you are.. . ;)

When and where: September 17 - 21, 2010, Davao, Philippines