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Lakbay Norte Dos: Bangui and Burgos, Ilocos Norte

March 16,2012
Woke up early the next morning and headed to the town of . . .
As we bade farewell to Pagudpud, another adventure awaited us as we pursued the Southern part of Pagudpud that included the towns, Bangui and Burgos.
 Getting to the Bangui Bay took us round 15 - 20 minutes trike ride.
And finally. ..
FYI: The windmills are officially termed as the NorthWind Bangui Bay Project, were a project by the NorthWind Development Corporation as a practice of renewable energy sources and to help reduce greenhouse gases that causes global warming. The project is the first 'Wind Farm' in the Philippines and it includes turbines along the shoreline facing the South China Sea and is considered to the the biggest in Southeast Asia -
The wind turbines capture wind energy through the electrical generators and eventually converted into usable energy. Electricity produced will be sold to INEC under a 21 - year Electricity Sales Agreement (ESA) ) at PhP 4.43/kWh. The expected life of the equipment is 21 years. -
It has always been one of my life long dreams to get to witness these huge windmills. They were not only a tourist attraction they also served as an environment friendly source of energy. 
That is definitely a hands down to Ilocos Norte!
There was no limit to our adventure as we proceeded to our next stop. ..
it took another 10 - 15 minutes to reach our next destination. Going there, you have to overcome an unpleasant rocky road ride which was 3.1 kilometers long. We journeyed patiently however, I could not ignore the fact that the unstable ride could get my internal organs misplaced somehow or whatever...  heee. ..
But anyway, after that lengthy ride we finally achieved
The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
It took us 5 - 10 minutes hike to reach the actual spot of the rock formations. 
You have to surpass shallow pools, sharp fissures and slippery sand stones along the path.
 It was rather an unusual experience. I have never seen a shore this tough and rugged. 
It almost seemed like a fantasy island where mermaids and mermen can be discovered.
Shifting back to reality, if you fret about getting a mean sunburn you might want to apply just enough sunblock lotion. Trust me, the scorching heat of the sun likes to burn the hell out of your skin!
And then behold. .. the wonders of Mother Nature. ..
The spectacular rock formations were said to be naturally shaped by the strong forces of the wind and waves of the ocean. It's splendid beauty is enhanced by the explicit powder blue skies and the vast stretch of the marvelous sea.  
This side of the formation was actually prohibited for the tourists. The caretaker acquainted us that this area is very delicate that too much load could likely wreck the sand stones. 
However, he took an extra mile and allowed us to take a few shots round the area since there were no other groups of tourists there at that time.  
Thank you so much Manong!!! We owe you a lot!!!! ;D
Talk about our charms ey? HAHA!!!!!!
Cape Bojeador
This has been definitely my first time to witness a lighthouse up close. We climbed up and you could really appreciate it's beauty as it permitted you to take a scenic glimpse of the gorgeous scenery of abundant forestry around the location.
As much as we wanted to explore more, we had to pursue our next destination, Laoag. We were done with our Southbound tour round 10 am and our tour guide/ trike driver, Manong Vincent accompanied us to our bus ride departing to Laoag. 
We can never thank Manong Vincent enough for the excellent services he had provided us. 
He was not only our trike driver/tour guide, he was also our guardian. When we were out camping by the beach, he offered us a visit just to check if we were doing good and if we were not bothered by anything or anyone. 
So if you need someone like Manong Vincent in your Pagudpud Tours, you can send him SMS or ring him these following mobile numbers:
SMART - 09219836637
GLOBE - 09262735210
 Ilocos Southern Tour fare plus tip - p1000/4 = p250
10.00 - 11.00 bus ride to Laoag = p50

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