Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sucker for Films

i'm currently hooked on watching movies at most of the time. it has become one of my favorite past times. this is like the next best thing to listening to my favorite tracks. like it's one of those convenient ways to entertain yourself especially in those times that instead of going out at night you'd rather cuddle up in bed turn on your laptop and movie marathon the night away. 
those foreign films are one of my preferences especially those that involve subtitles otherwise i'll be lost in translation. 
though almost all my downloaded film picks include subtitles. because i'm quite below average when it comes to listening comprehension. sucks to be me.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Why hello, October!

Why hello, October! 
I did not realize I've been missing a lot in my blog updates. It's been quite a few months already. I've just been so busy lately. Busy with matters I'm not supposed to worry about yet I can't help but keep on brooding instead. 
A lot has been clouding my thoughts lately; big decisions to make, desperately searching for new job opportunities, killing fucked up people in my thoughts, loathing the thought that I have to see them almost everyday, 
Apologies for the foul words. 
I can't help it. 
Whatever. I couldn't care less.
Verbalizing them helps.  
On a brighter note, 
I decided to make a recap of what has been for the past few months. I dunno, I just figured I needed to.. . hee. .
1. Happy Quarter Life dearest. .. 
Celebrated Tuna's 25th over sumptuous dinner, karaoke, laughter and late night pan de sal snacks.

Wish you all the love in the world♥
photos by: Ree Int
2. Searched for a drastic career change
I decided to follow my desires and flew to the Capital and went over various agencies to start looking for other job opportunities. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean I've given up my current profession. I will always be proud as a nurse yet I figured I needed more exposure. I needed to consider other possibilities out there and take the opportunity to broaden and utilize whatever capabilities I have other than being licensed to care. 
I grasped the thought that I needed change.
 Drastic change. 
 Braved the bustling streets of the Capital. 
I reckoned I'll never survive in an environment such as this. 
Too much crowd, honking cars in the daybreak, towering edifices rising up everywhere, air, smell and noise pollution - mega fast paced milieu ..
I'm sorry, I just couldn't take it.  
 Glad to be flying back home. 
Praying that God will bless my future plans.
*keeping fingers crossed*
1. New environment
Moved in to a new abode. It's not something new though (I meant the moving in). 
This has been part of our life ever since. Being a nomad. 
I figured this wouldn't be our last either. But still, I'm grateful because it's something new. Well at least it's what I have been longing for for quite some time. 
P.S. I get to have my own room. At last! ;D

2. Raffle Draws
Lucky me again for I think the 3rd time I guess. 
It's been years since I joined a raffle draw and fortunately I'd almost always win something from these games of chance. 
Here's another one for me. 

A portable DVD player.
 With USB for digital playback and I could indulge up to 5 hours DVD/MPEG/DiVX films, MP3 CDs and JPEG photos on the go. 
 I won this over a raffle draw from our work related convention. I was about to give this up in exchange for cash because I figured I could use the money instead but I thought this might come in handy when traveling. 
I'm glad I could take my movies with me anywhere. ;)
1. Fourth Birthday
Yes, we have turned four this year. And yes, I could not be happier. 
Let's not get tired of each other and let's learn to love more of each other's imperfections.
I know we've been through the extremes; heaven and deepest hell yet I'm glad we stood by each other no matter what. 
You are my best friend.
My lover.
My partner.
Cheers to bittersweet 4 years!♥
2. September Babies
September will always be one of the months that I look forward to in a year. Aside from jump starting the Christmas season and celebrating me and my partner's anniversary, it's also the time when at least five of my closest friends celebrate their new years. This only means that I get to be together with my closest friends which really means a lot to me.  a. Patsy - pizza and booze night at Handuraw's
b. Chaawi, Leigh and Matha's
 - overnight stay at Tagaytay's and sumptuous Chinese inspired  dinner at Resorts World 
plus more booze at The Distillery's, Makati.
I reckon there was never a dull moment with these girls. To more sweet years ladies. ;) OCTOBER I started my October catching up some good night and day's slumber which I was deprived from from these past few days. I just hope this month will turn out just fine and hopefully for the coming months too.  Goodbye for now.