Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Travel on my Mind

The past few months have been ridiculously busy and all I could think of a better way to unwind is to plan for a sweet expedition in the coming months.
Crossing my fingers that I would be granted with my requested leave of absence though.
Tee hee.
Oh yeah, I am stoked for next year's travel plans.
Me and my travel buddy are thinking of going international backpacking for a month or so.
Where to? 
We'll see. .. . 
Here's our over due video from our Coron, Palawan expedition from October of last year with Tao Expeditions and the best travel buddies in town.
Philippines is such a beautiful place. 
I love my country.♥

Friday, May 31, 2013

IloIlo, Iloilo City

Throwback Thursdays on a Friday. 
Circa 2011
Discovered Iloilo for the first time and many thanks to Cebu Pacific Seat Sales for a hundredth time. haha.
For starters, Iloilo City was our side trip during that time. We were actually headed for Boracay Island however we had a one day idle time so we spent wandering around the highly urbanized city.
Iloilo City manifests historical structures inspired by the early Spanish colonial times. Strolling around the city and the distant towns felt like traveling back in the 16th century. 
Miag-ao Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
San Joaquin Church and San Joaquin Cemetery
Iloilo also boasts its gastronomical eats.
To name a few, la paz batchoy, pancit molo, biscocho, barquillos, etc. 
So after traveling to the distant towns, we drove back to the city and indulged on a sumptuous delightful snack at Ted's. 
Two thumbs up!
Best batchoy I ever consumed! :)
More of the city's historical sites. 
Calle Real - Downtown Iloilo

Nelly's Garden

Jaro Cathedral
After a long day, we headed to SM City Iloilo and pampered ourselves  with the help of them little fishes that exfoliated our exhausted feet. :)

Estimated damages:
Around <p1,800 round trip ticket Cebu - Iloilo, Kalibo - Cebu.
Food and fares while wandering around the city + Fish Spa at Tibiao Fish Spa, Sm City Iloilo = p150 + p150 = p300.
Off to Boracay! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Underwater Love: Coron Islands, Palawan, Philippines

October 27 - November 1, 2012
Exploring the diverse marine life of Coron, Palawan, Philippines.
Endangered giant clams. Colorful and irregularly shaped corals. Assortment of  school of fishes. Finding Nemo :). Eerie sunken shipwrecks. Underwater limestone castles.  Of placid emerald lakes. Of pristine turquoise open waters.. .  
I will let the photos do the talking for now. :)
Do one thing that scares you. ♥
Nothing compares to the beautiful and grand experience of the remote Palawan Islands can bring. 
To experience a more authentic island living please check this link:
We were able to cover various islands for consecutive five days with the help of Tao Philippines, Coron, Palawan. More to that, we were able to personalize our island hopping trip with the choice of the most coveted group of islands in Northern Palawan.
Barracuda Lake
Lusong Ship Wreck
Coral Garden
Pass Island (exclusive for TAO tourists only)
Black Island 
Calambuyan Island
Malcapuya Island
Skeleton Beach Shipwreck
Banul Beach
Banana Island
Kayangan Lake
Atwayan Cove
Twin Peak
Twin Lagoon
Siete Picados
Estimated damages:
Cebu Pacific Seat Sale: 
Cebu - Busuanga roundtrip = <p1,000 
Stay in oil rigger canoes with skillful boats men for 4 days and 3 nights = p 10,000/ 6 people
Food and supplies = est: p500 / person
Total estimated rough investment: p3,000 - p4,000 :D

Enchanting Coron, Palawan II

October 27 - November 1, 2012
A continuation from my previous blog. 
Sacrificing comfort over exhilaration. Camping out on cornstarch consistency white sand beaches. 
 Surviving oil rigger canoes. 
Accommodating indigenous tribe. Refreshing hot spring dipping. Conquering huge waves in the open sea. Shipwreck free diving.
Snorkeling. Fish feeding. Tagging along with a school of fish. Finding Nemo. Underwater paradise. Endangered giant clams. Eluded placid lakes. Grand limestone formations. Sweetest sunshine. Mesmerizing sunsets. Sparkling diamonds in the midnight blue sky.  
Salt in the air.
Sand on my feet. 
My heart is with the sea.

 I am not certain if this is a healthy way to cook your meals. haha. 
Talk about exhilaration over comfort. 
Do not try this at home fellas. :)
Malcapuya Island, Coron, Palawan. 
We had the island all by ourselves for our third night in the open sea. :)
 Melodic serenade by our talented and competent boats men as we drifted off to sweet slumber.:)
 Atwayan Cove, our home for the fifth night in the sea.
With the humble and hospitable Tagbanwa tribe. 
Somewhere behind the nipa hut is an eluded paradise and is Tagbanwa's best kept secret. :) 
We requested if they could allow us to take a glimpse of that special place but we were forbidden.. .. 
Then let them be. :)
Headed home after five days of traveling around the gorgeous islands of Coron, Pawalan.
Underwater love up next. . ..  :D