Thursday, December 16, 2010


 sleep deprivation

 sumptuous meals

 long hour drives
 crazy ass friends
 guilty shopping

and this is because why. ..

Sometime in October:
Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Promo now up for booking online!

Mama Patshing calls up enthusiastically,
" Pre, Manila tah this December!, nag seat sale! "
Go-lng-ng-go attitude me:
" Lahus! basta weekend lang! "

So early this December. ..

1. We flew to Manila on a cloudy December 3rd afternoon.. ..

 2. Arrived at NAIA around dinner time ravenously hungry I could start seeing chicken thighs and steaks walking everywhere!!! haha

3. Headed to Resorts World and had a sumptuous meal at Cafe Mediterranean care of Ate Sandy! pizza, beef kebab, greek salad, shawarma, etc.. . it's like heaven in your mouth!
Dessert at Crepes and Cream
Strolled around Resorts World.

thank you Ate Sandy and Kuya Creighton! 

4. Checked in at Crown Regency Hotel, Makati City around almost 11 pm. 
Pampered much? haha.
And guess who showed up? Yep. Arvin!!!
sorry for being so makulit. pro alam namin di mo kami matitiis! nyahah!!! ;p
Konting inuman and late night snacks.
Sudden change of plans! Goodbye Subic for now. 
Dozed off around 3 am.

5. Day 2 I.T. 
Six plus a.m, we woke up groggy and light headed! but we really needed to be up early for bargain hunting at Divisoria and Greenhills!!!
That day was a very challenging one. Since we didn't have private transportation, we had to commute! 
Taxi? - we loathe Manila cab drivers!
MRT/LRT - way better
So, off we went! 
When we finally reached around Divisoria vicinity, a kind lady didn't hesitate to help and guide us around the unfamiliar and busy area. So off we carried on and followed her keeping our faith high to this thoughtful stranger.
The grounds were wet and muddy. And we only wore flip flops!!! Geez. Smart decision huh? Have we known it drizzled in that area naka sapatos na sana kami... So we bought nalang cheap and fake crocs (P70) anyways to save our delicate feet from becoming more filthy.
Bargain shopping all the way!!!
Strawberry shortcake was our official shopping bag!!! nyahaha
Greenhills thereafter and we shopped more...
Budget alert!!!

6. Around late in the afternoon, Daut, our girlfriend's boyfriend, fetched us from Greenhills and we drove to Cubao Ex to fill our hungry stomachs with some good food! 
Cubao Ex is such a cool place. It felt like Outpost/ Turtle's Nest, Cebu. It feels so artsy and their holiday bazaar was just as tempting!

Got cozy and had dinner @ Bellini's. Nothing beats Italian!!! Love, love the ambiance, the food and the service as well!
FYI: This restaurant was featured several times in the One More Chance movie which starred John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, which is by the way my favorite Pinoy movie ever!!! heehee.. .

Afterwhich, it was time for our long hour drive to Los Baños! But before we proceeded, we dropped by Ate Sandy's humble abode down south to get the food they prepared for us for our trip. SWEETNESS. 
Pampered much? again! 

This was around 1 - 1:30 am in the morning of the 5th of December! And we were still an hour and more prior to reaching our destination! God. I almost felt like vomiting from lack of sleep! 
Chaawikoy and I dozed off all the way while Matha and Patsy stayed awake and tried their best to distract Daut from falling asleep! Sorry guys, I just couldn't help it. hahaha.
Around 2:30 - 3 in the morning, we checked in a budget friendly spring resort at Los Baños. Time check. 4 am. Knock out! Zzzzz. ..

7. 6:30 am alarm clock screamed ♫♪ Shots! shots! shots!!! 10x♫♪... oh my..  Woke up this early and drove our way to Pagsanjan Falls, Cavinti, Laguna!!! 
Mao ni ang resulta sa amo chang of plans! 

I vowed to myself, before I reach my 30's I should be able to tick off all the wonderful places mentioned in Biyahe Tayo song by Artists for Philippine Tourism. 
Day tour damaged us about P1,375.00. It was all worth it!
 Enjoyed conquering 16 rapids. 
Serene river waters.
Majestic waterfalls.
Friendly locals.
I could not ask for more!

8. After Pagsanjan Falls, we went on a side trip to Tagaytay City for late lunch!

 Best bangus I have ever tasted! 

Enjoyed the spectacular view of the Taal, Lake. 

Dropped by at Rowena's to experience Tagaytay's best sweet treats!!

Stopped over at outlet stores in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Budget friendly? Not much! yet I was still able to purchase my last buy! 

Went home to Crown Regency Hotel, Makati City again.
 'Home' daw. hahah! So shal!
Packed our things. And I just couldn't wait to get home and get some real quality shut eye!

9. Day 4
MOA for KK's.
Ready to go home.
I was stoked to go home. 
Can't wait.
I didn't mind going back to reality.. .

Touchdown Cebu.

thank you's

Ate Sandy, Kuya Creighton and Sir Randy
◘ Arvin
◘ Patshing - Papa Rudy and Tita Lorna.. hahaha cloooose
◘ Daut a.k.a Mr. M!
◘ Yung ale nga nag guide sa amin patungong Divisoria! hahaha
◘ MRT and LRT - my gaaaad... i love you rides!!!
◘ Mother Nature - for giving your rain showers a day's off (ironically)
◘ Matha and Chaawi for just being yourselves...


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