Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Forever 21 Launch

It was one of those nights when you have to sacrifice donning your flat footwear to wearing 4 inches clogs/heels instead. I had to so as not to appear dressed down at least. tee hee. 
We got the chance to experience the launching of Forever 21 and man, the place was really jam packed with a huge number of people! I intentionally left my cash on hand so I would not think of robbing myself financially however I brought my debit card with me and the rest was history. I know right? haha.  
I tried to browse every piece they had and I was amazed by how affordable and reasonable the costs of their products are. Yet I thought you may be bumping into people wearing the same garment as yours and soon everybody will be branded as Forever 21! 
I totally loved my purchase. I got me a green denim high waisted tattered shorts. It really didn't cost me that much and I was just really hyped! Will probably go back there when I can shop amicably.

Monday, November 14, 2011

ultimate goal

long term life plan
why not.
shall accomplish before i see you at the crossroads. ..