Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sinulog Blast Off! 2011

Viva Pit SeƱor!

We started off the year with a blast on the 16th of January as we celebrated Cebu's grandest religious festivity, Sinulog 2011!! 
Danced and partied all the way as we witnessed the contingents street danced with the Sinulog's tribal beats, array of colorful and huge floats and parade of popular local artists (haha). 

Walked through the busy crowd and still managed to take a good picture. ehehe. 

One thing I loathe the most is getting my feet really filthy that's why I never regretted donning my combat boots on that day since I anticipated rain showers would show up. 
And boy, was I right!

Whistle hard till you go deaf! haha

Okay, so this is how our night began. ..
drinking sessions
laugh trips
danced on the streets
went crazy just like the good ol' days .. .

Sprinkle of beer, vodka and h2O and the night ended up wet and wild! hahaha
table top dancing
grinding and dancing like crazy
bd bd here, bd bd there
(bd - biga diri, biga didto) hahah!!!

The culprits of the 'sprinkle' phenomenon! hahaha

This is by far the BEST Sinulog everrr!
Til next year my friends! let's party harder!!! ;)

shirt - DIY DDG shirt designed my yours truly 
acid washed Levi's high waist shorts - thrifted
brown fringed shoulder bag - thirfted
black combat boots - Primadonna, SM 

Thursday, January 13, 2011


DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous
Part of speech: noun

Definition: a crazy, beautiful, smart ass society of professionals by day, party animals by night (depending on profession)

Synonyms: Chaawi, Toot, Leigh, Lelil, Cohdzy, Loura, Dre, Jizzie, Krittie, Reekha, Babs, Donya, Clheng, Kymoy, Mykee, Burn, Bally, Nivien, Soy, Motha Molly, Mhy Mhy, Shoogy, Shaggy, Tantoy, Tanya, Patsy, Mansi, Titit, Panee, Mayang, Cheeky, Joanne and Menchu.  

Sunday, January 09, 2011

If you could read my mind

1. Hello two oh eleven!
2. New Year's resolution. .. a commitment that an individual makes at New Year's day.
is it ever possible to commit on a certain matter for a long period of time? 
In my case, it's not.
3. Vowed to myself to STRICTLY adhere to my diet restrictions.
4. Diet always starts tomorrow.
5. See? when will I ever learn to commit?

6. Card reader convinced me greener pastures in the near future.
I am so hoping to fly on my dream destinations someday.
God willing.
Got to have faith.
7. I am really starting to get bored.
Sucks big time.
I need an inspiration. A new environment. 
Scouting on potential job opportunities online. ..
8. How are my bean shaped babies?
Been consuming meat for the past few days. 
Will I make it for another 20 years? . ..
Sucks to be me.
9. I can never comprehend people like her.
Is it all about insecurity? jealousy? 
Well f*ck you b*tch.
I hope you die a slow death with all of your uncertainties.
10. I don't mind meeting new people. 
Those that interests me. 
Art. Travel. Food. Music.
Hope to see you in the near future. 

11. I need a make over. 
My blog needs one.
Will work on it.