Thursday, January 13, 2011


DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous
Part of speech: noun

Definition: a crazy, beautiful, smart ass society of professionals by day, party animals by night (depending on profession)

Synonyms: Chaawi, Toot, Leigh, Lelil, Cohdzy, Loura, Dre, Jizzie, Krittie, Reekha, Babs, Donya, Clheng, Kymoy, Mykee, Burn, Bally, Nivien, Soy, Motha Molly, Mhy Mhy, Shoogy, Shaggy, Tantoy, Tanya, Patsy, Mansi, Titit, Panee, Mayang, Cheeky, Joanne and Menchu.  

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