Sunday, January 09, 2011

If you could read my mind

1. Hello two oh eleven!
2. New Year's resolution. .. a commitment that an individual makes at New Year's day.
is it ever possible to commit on a certain matter for a long period of time? 
In my case, it's not.
3. Vowed to myself to STRICTLY adhere to my diet restrictions.
4. Diet always starts tomorrow.
5. See? when will I ever learn to commit?

6. Card reader convinced me greener pastures in the near future.
I am so hoping to fly on my dream destinations someday.
God willing.
Got to have faith.
7. I am really starting to get bored.
Sucks big time.
I need an inspiration. A new environment. 
Scouting on potential job opportunities online. ..
8. How are my bean shaped babies?
Been consuming meat for the past few days. 
Will I make it for another 20 years? . ..
Sucks to be me.
9. I can never comprehend people like her.
Is it all about insecurity? jealousy? 
Well f*ck you b*tch.
I hope you die a slow death with all of your uncertainties.
10. I don't mind meeting new people. 
Those that interests me. 
Art. Travel. Food. Music.
Hope to see you in the near future. 

11. I need a make over. 
My blog needs one.
Will work on it.

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