Sunday, April 03, 2011

Wow! Legazpi.

Still feeling groggy with 2 - 3 hours of sleep and slightly exhausted from the previous day's road trip, we managed to stay awake as we headed towards the NAIA for our early morning flight bound for Legazpi. 
As soon as we got on the aircraft, we all tried to catch some more sleep. Few minutes had passed the speaker in the airplane announced a heartbreaking news. The captain just declared signs of poor visibility in the cloudy skies nearing Legazpi. In addition to that, he said that the Legazpi airport was closed. I was like WTF! My heart just sank and all I did at that moment was I prayed hard that everything would fall into place.   
A few moments later, the speaker alarm went on again and everybody seemed to be attentive as to what the captain might have to declare. 
" We are now on our final descent. The airport is now open."
God. That must have been the greatest news I have ever heard in my entire life so far! Thank God!
Wohoo! Hello
Legazpi City is a small urban center kind of similar to that of Dumaguete City. Available transportations include v-hires, tricycles, taxis and rent a vans. The city is relatively small so I doubt you could get lost here. 
As much as we wanted Mr. Sun to show up, the weather did not cooperate. Legazpi's climate was really moody. First thing you know it rains hard, after a few minutes Mr. Sun shows up again. Then again, rain showers come pouring again. Yet despite all that, we pursued our tour around the city. 
First Stop
I. Daraga Church, Albay 
(March 27, 2011)
An 18th century flamboyant church that stands on hill with splendid views of the sea and Mayon Volcano. Its stone structured build is adorned with statuary, carvings and alcoves at varied heights. This church was said to be built after Mayon Volcano erupted which covered the original church in the town of Cagsawa.
II. Cagsawa Ruins
(p10 per head)
The Cagsawa Ruins Park is one of the most visited spots in the area. From here, the tourists are allowed to witness the majestic view of Mt. Mayon and appreciate it's world renowned perfect cone. 
The Cagsawa bell tower is the only one that remains today. It is a formidable reminder of events that took place during 1814 eruption wherein it was recorded as the worst eruption of Mt. Mayon. A number of people sought refuge in the church during the eruption but they all died as the church was buried by the flowing lava. 

  Despite the awful story behind the park's history and the continuous rain showers, we still enjoyed taking photos which were choreographed by our new friend whom we met in the place. Credits to 'Sam Milby' as what we fondly called him, for giving us directions and for taking our cool pictures!
III. Embarcadero 
The Embarcadero is Legazpi's lifestyle hub and entertainment center. The place offers bars, retail shops, bowling alley, karaoke house, a Celebration plaza and a lot more. It is similar to that of I.T. Park here in Cebu however it is situated in a coastal area. 
IV. Lignon Hill
(March 28,2011)
(p15 per head)
Lignon Hill is another brilliant landmark in the city behind the Legazpi Airport and beside Albay Wildlife Park. We ascended towards it's peak in the evening and we were awed with the magnificent view of the sparkling city lights and enjoyed the chilly breeze from the ocean. 
The friendly locals advised that it is best to walk up the hill early in the morning just before sunrise when the air is cool. Tourists would have the chance to appreciate Mt. Mayon all in its naked glory. 
But in our case, we just arrived from Donsol late in the afternoon, so we went for the alternative and explored the hill in the evening which was amusing as well. 
Aside from taking pleasure of the spectacular site of the city lights, we gathered around as Daut treated us for dinner. We enjoyed reminiscing the moments we had our whaleshark encounter earlier that day. 
(Donsol, Sorsogon blog update still to follow, so stay tuned!)
V. Mt. Mayon
(March 29, 2011)
as you'd notice, we are two persons riding on an ATV, well, go figure! *wink*)

What better way to witness the majestic view of the elusive Mount Mayon than a hardcore ATV ride on rough and muddy trails towards the lava formation.
Rough riding along the uneven paths.\m/.
Along the way, we were able to appreciate the culture and the livelihood of the locals residing within the area. 
What made me even smile more was when kids extended their arms out and gave us high fives whenever we passed by.
As we reached our destination, we made our way up a towering wall to the lava formation through a 5 - 10 minute trek. Climbed up the jagged edged boulders and large rocks that were loosely piled on top of each other. 
 It was quite exhausting and we had to stop for a while to catch our breath. But the moment we took a glimpse of the foot of the volcano, we knew we just had to keep going.
And then behold, Mount Mayon, all in it's naked glory. 
Regardless of the cumulus clouds suspended proudly on its tip, the scenery sent us chills and goosebumps all over our body.
What more could we do to cherish this awesome moment? 
Here we go again with our choreographed pictures! 
Big thanks to the friendly and considerate tour guides and staffs of the astounding ATV ride! 
VI. Albay Wildlife Park
(p20 per head)
This was our last stop before we bade goodbye to Legazpi City. Since the park was just accessible from the airport, we stopped by to take a brief tour around Legazpi's picnic grove and park rolled into one.
Say hello to my dream pet! If I were crazy enough, I would steal you in the middle of the night and take you with me in the morning flight! 

So that ends my Legazpi adventure. 
And all divine synonyms of AWESOMENESS!!!

More exciting escapades to come in our Donsol, Sorsogon trip till my next blogger update!


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  2. haha. gi career rah? wait till Sorsogon! ahaha.. i'll be keeping it short lang guro.. mao jud moy, wish you were there! ;(