Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

Writing about this challenge made me reminisce about the first time I met with my recent partner.
I could hardly remember what we had for our first date but one thing's for sure, I did all the talking.
Sorry for broadcasting lover. ..
Anyways, this is tough.
Because usually, I just really go with the flow.
Yet I have to confess,
I am a sucker for SPONTANEITY and SURPRISES!!!
for a lady like me who's short attention span is similar to that of a toddler's, I prefer casual dates that do not bore me to death.
a. Candle-lit dinner?
- Not exactly my cup of tea. It's too uptight and stiff. 
Unless the guy has an unbelievable sense of humor and tries to crack me up once in a while then why not? It's the great conversation that counts.

b. Indulging in food trips
- One way to my stone cold heart is through my stomach. I love trying out new tastes, flavors and dishes. I'm up for anything that challenges my taste buds. Exotic delights perhaps? - I would never declare no for an answer! 

c. Exploring the outdoors
- Yep2x! I just love the outdoors. A nature lover like me you can never go wrong in taking me trekking to the hills, snorkeling, surfing or diving into the depths of the ocean, wakeboarding, road tripping, skydiving(haha) or anything else that keeps me up for the entire date. Demanding much? haha.

d. Anything creative and unusual
- Anything that's new and stimulates the mind definitely works for me. I will be always open for anything interesting and fun at the same time. 

e. Surprise me
- There's nothing more exciting and amusing than a surprise date. It's definitely a major turn on if guys know how to spice things up especially in establishing a new relationship. 

First dates would either make or break a new relationship. However, it would not really count how amazing or grandeur your date would be. In the end, what matters most is the honesty, sincerity and respect the guy shows to the lady.  

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