Monday, May 20, 2013

Lakbay Norte: Finale: Clark (Day 9)

Day 9 - March 22, 2012
This officially marked the last day of our 10 day Northern Luzon expedition.  (I missed the first day when my friends went to Zambales due to conflicts on my work schedule.). 
It was an idle time in Clark since we did not have any definite plans. We just wanted to relax before flying back to the reality in our hometown, Cebu.
We arrived round 9:30 in the evening the night before and we didn't have a place to spend the night. As usual, we were being spontaneous again. Trust me, it was not easy for us to find a decent place to spend the night. While on the bus to Clark from Baguio we dialed our significant others back home and asked them a favor to search on the internet if they could find any modest stay inns etc. 
Finally we agreed to stay on a budget friendly hotel however it was something unusual. It was kind of old and the rooms were a bit weary. I mean what do you expect, it was a low cost hotel so you get what you pay. The place really needed some serious renovation but despite everything else, the staffs were accommodating and lovely and they had shuttle services too. 
Therefore, it was not bad after all. :)
As reality started to sink in, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to embark such an experience of a lifetime. The spontaneous moments, laugh trips, amazing and well grounded friends,  new friends from around the world, challenging physical activities, gastronomical and affordable eats, quality shut eye, breathtaking landscapes, pristine turquoise waters, the annoying and incoherent drunk, long hour bus rides, inconvenient wash rooms etc.. . . 
Traveling would never be the same.. . :)
 To recap, here is a video arranged by my dear 'Pre', Leigh of with Fader by The Temper Trap as our official 10 day track. 

KFC dinner = estimated p120
Blue Field's Hotel = P275
Jeepney fare from Caltex to SM Clark  = p8
Lunch at SM = p 100Jeepney from Sm to Clark airport = p8
Rough investment = p500

Total investment for the entire 10 day trip which includes the following destinations:
Pagudpud - Bangui- Burgos - Laoaog- Paoay - Vigan - Baguio - Ifugao - Sagada - Clark

more or less = p 12, 000 (exclusive of plane tickets)

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