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Lakbay Norte 2012: Idle Time (Day 5)

Day 5 - March 18, 2012
Fact: Traveling is never a convenient experience. 
You have to be living on your rucksacks/ suitcases. You could never predict what will happen next. Moreover, some of your expectations are not met and some circumstances just don't allow matters to go on your way. 

Well, fuck inconvenience. 
Traveling will always be my passion.

So finally it was the fifth day of our 10 day expedition and some few interesting moments happened during the time we ventured from Vigan-Baguio-Ifugao.. . .

1)  We had no definite plan as to where to go next from Vigan. Originally it was supposedly Vigan - Baguio - Sagada. However, we figured we had one extra day to spend an idle time. So we opt to go for Ifugao instead before going to Sagada because we figured things would work out well with that plan.  We even had to research in the internet station just to figure out what to do and what not. 
Just go with the flow, we muttered as we all shrugged off our dilemmas. Haha. :)
2) We had to take a bus ride from Vigan to Baguio which took around six hours. After we had our whole day tour around Vigan, we already checked out from the hotel at 12 noon that day. We just left our bags in the hotel for safety as we went wandering around the city. At the end of the day, we felt the need to wash up before we took the evening bus ride. The problem was we did not have a place to wash up. The hotel where in we left our bags charged us an impractical cost just for the use of their bathroom.  We turned down the chance anyway and headed straight to the terminal. 
Well, there's this thing called  hygiene first before convenience. 
So what we did together with a friend of mine is that we took our tumblers, found a bucket and good thing there was a faucet with running water and bathed ourselves inside the PUBLIC restroom in Vigan's bus terminal. 
I know right?
3) The freezing atmosphere and the dark city streets welcomed us as we arrived in Baguio City round 4 am in the morning. We were all tired from lack of sleep so we rode towards the terminal where the bus ride to Ifugao departs. Hoping to get bus seats to Ifugao, we were told that the first trip would retreat not until 8 in the morning.  Great. 
After we secured bus tickets, we stayed in a 24 hour eatery to spend idle time until we have to leave from Baguio. Everything was going fine and we even caught up some shut eye until this drunk and incoherent man started approaching us. We totally ignored him at first but then he became persistent and annoying. I was starting to get pissed off but I did not blew up my temper because I knew something worse may happen at that time and our safety was at stake. Good thing the security officer of that establishment  sought help from the police and eventually the drunk man left after almost 2 hours. ..  .. for good. 
4) Finally, we ventured towards Banaue, Ifugao and endured another 8 hour long bus ride. Take note, 8 hours on broad day light. Kill me now.
Actually, I have no problem with regards to long bus rides as long as it is in an evening or night time because I could just doze off whenever I want to.  But in day time, I get easily distracted with the light and I can not help but to stay awake. Good luck to me. My cryptochromes seemed to function well. (x.x) 
It was my first time on the road for 8 long hours in broad day light but I was glad that I was able to manage. I mean I had no choice anyway. I am the type of person who does not skip meals but unfortunately I remember not having a decent meal at that time. My  feast consisted mainly of soda crackers and water. And maybe some street food after we had a few bus stops along the way.  
But who cares. I was going to Banaue, Ifugao. Not everybody had the chance to go there. 
Yet I did. Screw inconvenience! Pssh.
5) Finally at around six in the evening, we arrived in the beautiful and bustling little town of Banaue, Ifugao. It was not what I was expecting. At first I pictured a quiet, quaint and rustic setting but instead, there were so many people out on the streets. Maybe half of the population were people from around the world. There were plenty of restaurants, the vegetable market was still alive and kicking, an array of souvenir shops and there were a number of accommodations to choose from so we did not have a hard time scouting for a place to stay.  
The moment we checked in in our chosen lodging house we immediately grabbed some decent meal. And God, did it feel like heaven. :D

Taxi cab ride (p47)  to KMS Bus Liner
Andoks (breakfast : P57)
KMS Bus Liner to Ifugao, bus fare (P415)
Dinner at People's lodge inn (100 +) 

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