Friday, May 07, 2010

Letters To You

Dear Ex-Girlfriend

You may never get the chance to read this but I find it essential to write. I would have preferred to talk to you a long time ago but it seemed circumstances did not allow us to do so. First, thank you for being part of his life. If it weren't for you, he wouldn't be a special part of me today. ;)
Please pay attention to what I am going to tell you in the next few lines of this letter. I firmly believe that past lovers should remain friends. I have no problem with that. But there's this one time that made me doubt my trust in you. I did not appreciate the fact that you constantly sent him invitations without a consent from me. I let it slide at first but I became more upset when you sent him a specific suspicious invitation through SMS. From then on, it was marked in my mind that you could never be trusted. I was pondering if you were leading him on. The fact that you were continually texting/calling him made me conclude you were not totally over him. That's the issue I wanted to settle. Were my assumptions true? I just wanted to clear matters with you. I hope that you were aware he's already with me and we rock each other's world. I hope you respect that.
After the moment he spoke to you months ago, we have not heard from you since then. It didn't mean you guys should stop talking with each other when my concern was just the invitations without my knowledge. However, I greatly appreciated the fact that you respected his decision.
Honestly, I wanted to be good friends with you. I know we have a lot in common and I even wanted to ask you few things about him. It may not happen this time round though, but I hope someday when we bump into each other you will not hesitate to smile and wave back perhaps. ;)

His Partner


  1. hoooiii tinuod ni??? myyy gahhhd! hahahahahahahah mag himu sad ko beh!!! pero DEAR GIRLFRIEND! hahahaha

  2. HAHAHA sshhhh..... I hope she gets to read this one day .. . .;)

  3. then let's find a way to make her read! hahaha