Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Party Season Starts. .. Now!

A blast with the members of the Chong Hua Hospital Heart Institute; Coronary Care Unit, Cath Lab and Cardio Unit. 
With the theme of 'British' ala Prince Charles and Kate Middleton wedding.
Everyone else were on their party dresses/ suits and to complete our ensembles, we all donned on our unique and outlandish fascinators.
All smiles with the host of the party, Dr. Francisco Chio
The members of the different units showcased their talents through singing, dancing and role playing. 
It turned out as a  contest pala and luckily we won first place with a cash prize of p4,000! mwahahahah!!!!
The Cardio Fellows won the grand prize with a total of p5,000!!!
Congrats dokies!!!
To make the night more interesting, what started as a joke became an astonishing and amazing reality . . .
The first ever Miss Heart Institute! haha!!!
left to right: Kamila, our candidate from Cardio Unit stands confidently flashing a sweet and vibrant kilowatt smile; Lavinia from Nuclear Medicine, the voluptuous and the tallest of the bunch; Michelle from Cath Lab,  the porcelain-doll- like pretty lady with gorgeous gold locks and Karen from Coronary Care Unit, the most photogenic of them all. .. ;)
 HAHA!!! Seryes!!!!
Congrats to all the winners. Could not be more proud of our candidate who won first place!
I proud you , Kamila! HAHA (top)
Lavinia from Nuclear Medicine was crowned the first ever Miss Heart Institute 2011! (bottom)
Congrats guys!!! haha. .. 
The night was a total blast! It was fun sharing the Christmas spirit with you guys! 
 These cardiologists not only prescribe orders or perform procedures to fix your infarcted hearts they can also provide you an instant and delightful cure with free of charge. ..
from left to right: Dr. Michael Tabaloc, Dr. Francisco Chio, and Dr. Alex Junia
with the head of our unit and our second mother, Dr. Virgie Yap-Kong.
To more good times guys! Happy Holidays to everyone!
beanie-like with brown feathers fascinator: the streets of Colon, Cebu
leopard print sheer top: I.T. Park bazaar
black bandage skirt: People Are People
opaque black stockings: SM department store
black and white oxfords: Parisian, SM

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