Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Fucking Holidays!

1) to the lady guard who courteously greets everyone 
upon entering the entrance with the sweetest smile
2) to the reputable big-time operator who frequents our place just
to get his blood pressure checked
3) to the jolly companions and BIG eaters I see everyday
4) to the mysterious towering guy out there who I am secretly crushing on .. ..
5) to the vibrant lady who prepares her delightful dishes with pure passion
6) to my globe trotter close friends who are privileged enough to see the world
7) to my lovely DDG ladies who's rooted friendship is one thing I would never trade the world for
8) to the two growing up ladies whom I never passed a day without having a cat fight with 
9) to the man I love and loathe the most, who sacrifices his fragile body and who frequently misses 
the most important occasions of family gatherings because his life belongs to the sea
10) to the superwoman who makes everything worthwhile and brings light in our home
11) to the man who believes in me, who bears with my cranky disposition; my confidant, my enemy, 
my partner in crime, my best friend. .. 
12) to the big guy in heaven to whom I will always fear and believe. ..

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