Monday, January 16, 2012

Festival Watch: Sinulog 2012!!!

Once again we celebrated the religious and cultural festival of Cebu, Sinulog 2012!
As usual everything else was a blast!
Random people flashing festive smiles!!!
As our tradition, we donned our identical shirts designed by yours truly. . . ;)
The roads were hardly visible during the Sinulog festival. It was jam packed with huge crowds that left no personal or even intimate distance between people. There were moments that it became a struggle just to breathe normally. *No exagg!* 
According to the news, an estimate of at least 3.8 million people came together to make Sinulog happen in a tremendously successful way. 
Yet despite of the abundance of the crowd, the event went prosperously and peacefully. 
Thumbs up to the people behind the event. ;)
 I was rather astonished when I witnessed this crazy crowd around 4 in the afternoon. It looked like they have been soaked with water, beer and poster paint for at least a couple of hours already. Overheard the shindig started at round noon that day. Wow, these people have high endurance! I recalled last year this scene started round sundown already. ..
God knows how long this party lasted!
 I adore your cotton candy colored mohawk Val!!!
 DDGs started to get really crazy intoxicated with alcohol.. . .
 The official 'PRE-schoolers'. . .HAHA!!!!
 We got lost track from each other and went separate ways for a while because the crowd swallowed us and led us to different directions!. .
then finally. .. 
We found each other after almost an hour! haha. .. 
I don't care if I said this on repeat. ..
but I'm fuckin' proud to have the best girls out there.. . 
till the next gathering .. my DDGs.. .
crazy ensemble
sunnies - cebu's manhattan
pinky swear single earring -
DDG customized shirt - self printed by Kidlat
black and white tribal feel leggings - Forever 21
pouty lips - chill mode

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