Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kool - Aid makes me a Happy Camper

1. Went out on a spontaneous pig out session with my dear girls at S & R!
2. S & R is just ♥
3. Combo pizza made my day!
4. Did lots of catching up with them girlies.
5. I was really ravenously hungry.
6. Stomach grumbling.
7. Delightful gastronomical treat.

8.I am not really much of a sweet tooth
9. Though this snicker 'ice cream bar' tasted like heaven! 
10. Next to water, Kool-Aid is definitely my ultimate comfort drink! 
11. Just got to purchase the entire box. Haha.
12. That makes me a happy camper! ;) 
oversized gray stripes top - Divisoria
Levi's acid wash high waists - thrifted
black combat boots - Primadonna
brown synthetic satchel - from India

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