Sunday, March 13, 2011


1. Everybody's been talking about it. 
2. a Japanese carenderia? Are you kidding me?
3. Hell no because it really exists!
4. Just had a splendid feast in a bowl at Joed's Lutong Hapon located at Regla St., Mabolo just a block away from the Carmelites. An elevated basketball court is your trademark as you go along the narrow road just right beside it. Just a stone's throw away and you're there. ;)

5. These are the culprits for making my belly bloat!
6. Aside from the very budget friendly costs of their dishes, their service is quite impressive as well.
7. California Maki, P65 only. I fell in love right at the moment it touched my mouth. I admire the cheesy hint of it. I could not stop putting it inside my mouth! Plus the wasabi in the soy sauce makes it more challenging. It stimulated my nasal passages like hell! But I like it! haha.
8. Can you believe this small and delightful bowl of Pork Katsudon only costs p25? The tonkatsu, scrambled eggs and that red thing (I'm not sure what it is) tasted like heaven in my mouth. I also love how the sweet taste of the sauce kind of lingers in the aftertaste. 
9. Beef Tendon, p120. This deceived me at first sight because the size of it's bowl in the menu looked average however the real thing was huge! The beef was good, it was cooked right plus the flavor was extremely rich. It was really worth the cost.  
10. Kani salad, p100. I love kani salad but there's had a different twist in it. I was not sure if it appealed my taste buds because the piquant dressing was quite abundant. I would have preferred if the relish was toned down a little bit. 
11. Overall, I give this food house a two thumbs up!
12. It would not be a question why I will frequent this place in the coming days. ;)
By the way, 
13. Happy 13th to us lover! *smug*
14. Okay, I admit I hate sticking out my tongue in pictures. Yet I was too embarrassed my boyfriend was taking photos of me while strolling in the mall.
15. It's what you call a flustered reflex! haha.

red checkered top - Hollister
black tank - Topshop
dark gray ripped denim jeggings - Greenhills
white sneakers - Converse


  1. balleyy! now i really need to go there inig uli! i was supposed to have dinner on my last day pag-january pero gitapul.haahaa SHETTT 25peso-katsudon?!?!?!?!haahaa

  2. jey! karun ra tawn nako na basa imu comment eyy.. hahahah yep p25 worth katsudon. it's just a small bowl if ma bitin ka, you could always order another one without fretting over your expenses! ;)