Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre-Holiday Splurge

  HELP! This is a financial emergency! I vowed to myself these days not to splurge on clothing and accessories. I need to control until December because I have a lot of monetary obligations by that time. However, as you can see, I have not been keeping my promises. I mean, who can not resist these. ..  

One day off after attending to my errands I decided to venture out to Cebu's Manhattan. Yes, that's right, in Colon to find some cheap finds. I figured I needed chunky jewelry to spice up my typical ensembles. Aren't they adorable ?? and I got them all for less than 200 pesos only!!!! Mwahahahaha!!!. ... ..

Oh yes. This is my latest purchase. Like, I got them earlier today. My original plan was just to scout on potential buys for myself this holiday season. Then I stumbled upon these tan pair. I have been searching for one like these for a long time already hoping to find affordable ones. And this is it!!! Mwahahha!!!! When I tried them on eagerly they just felt right. I'm so happy I didn't get to spend a 2 weeks' payroll on these charming good deals. ;);) 

I still have a long list of must-buys for me though because a girl can never have enough clothes! ehehe. ..

Can't wait for Christmas!!! ;) ;)


  1. Angayan kaayo ka anang clogs, Bal! It's so you!!

  2. Hahah... thanks Gayle! hope maka pull off ko! if di.. kevs! hahaha