Monday, November 08, 2010


Eat. I don't starve myself. Delete. I NEVER starve myself. For Christ's sake why do you keep on convincing yourselves that I do not take tremendous care of me? I eat a lot, you know. I could even eat you alive if I haven't consumed food for a month. I'm just sick of people trying to prove me an irresponsible individual. Stop staring at me. 

Pray. Every once in a while I think about God. Second moments to be exact. Good thing there are anticipated Eucharistic celebrations on Saturdays I get to hear mass. Because of that, second moments turn into minutes but then I get drowsy. Oops. I swear, I really do think about God. But do I really need to talk to him when in fact he already knows what's in my mind?

Love.  A delightful cup of frozen yogurt topped with blueberries and kiwi. A good book you can't hardly put down. Hot chocolate and Jack Johnson full blast on rainy days. You on my mind first thing in the morning. Stolen kisses suspended on air. Bouquet of flowers on hand at work after a huge fight. Boisterous and crazy laughter of them genes. Planning to purchase the little boxer a 3 wheel bike. Skinny dipping and star gazing with them ladies. ..  Love is. ;)


  1. bal! you made me remember that i still have to blog about this... ;)

  2. awww.... nice! i saw the movie the other day, i like! im too lazy to read the book.

  3. leigh: yah, you should blog about this! bag.o pa man ko nag start read ani.. ehehe

    moy: thanks moy. the movie was so so.. mas nice jud cguro ang book although not done yet. ..