Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miles Away

             I have finally watched Going the Distance film after a few days leaving the dvd in the clutter of my bedroom. I wanted to have a good laugh after a really tough day at work. So I fixed myself a little snack and sat comfortably on my fabric conditioner-scented bed as the dvd commenced to play in my laptop. 
           I find it really funny as I found myself CRYING instead of LAUGHING. I just can't help myself. I thought the movie was portraying my life. It felt so real and I was deeply sympathizing with the female character and the male character as well. Hands down to Drew Barrymore who was really awesome by just being her best on the film. Plus Justin Long was really a cutie.. . ;) 
              Anyhow, I just felt relieved on the thought I am not only the one who feels like shit enduring the complexities and challenges of a long distance relationship. It's been three long years and counting now and trust me, it's never an easy feat. Circumstances may not effortlessly allow us to become near each other but with patience, constant communication and trust we definitely reached this far and we have still got a long way to go. I am just divinely blessed to be with such an amazing partner who literally does almost everything for me, who understands my soul, who's vast stretch of patience willingly extends more and who submissively deals with an undeniably despicable me.. .
               What I am praying for almost everyday now is I hope we would get the chance to really be together like physically. To live a normal love life. And whenever I feel like seeing him or vice versa, we'd get to attain it in the most convenient way possible without having to cross the ocean for once.
The Boxer Rebellion(OST)

my latest music discovery
 truly a ravishing tune in my eardrums
just cant' help but love them!♥

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