Sunday, February 13, 2011

Buy One Get One

1. black lace bodysuit - Topshop
black blazer - thrifted
Levis' acid wash high waists - thrifted
black combat boots - Primadonna, SM

2. black jacket - Mental
gray and black long dress - Topshop
black velvet gladiators with studs - Promod

I have been really feeling down in the mouth these days.
I'm sick and routine is killing me like hell.
I really need a new environment.
I want to be constantly moving.
I need a job where I can be constantly moving.
Been thinking about a lot of options.
Lord help me.
Due to my depression and as a means of outlet for brooding over certain matters these days, I resorted to splurging on some things that put a smile on my face.
I mean, who can not resist the BUY ONE GET ONE sign at Topshop?
Meet my new purchases; black lace bodysuit and gray and black long dress (as seen above)
I'm giving myself a break here okay. 
I swear I did not feel any slight guilt. haha. defensive.
I just hope and pray things would work out really good soon.
God willing. 
I need to fly.
I need to get lost somewhere. ...

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