Friday, January 22, 2010

My Little Guys

Ren & Stimpy

Who could not forget them? These two psychotic and dullard animated characters have always brighten up my gloomy days back in the late 90's.
Although they had a reputation for indecent humor, I have always enjoyed every episode they had on TV!

Talk about Ren, as I have researched, is an asthma hound chihuahua. Who would have thought he was a dog! All along I was convinced he was a mouse!!! HAHA. You can not blame me though. Look at him closely, he does resemble a mouse right? Anyway, I may find this absurd but I sometimes see myself in him. Rawboned, dyspeptic,
psychotic... hahaha. .. I love Ren! Stimpy, on the other hand, is a cat. He is overweight and an idiot. This one though is more obvious. He DOES look like a cat! I love him considering his brain is damaged and he's just plain stupid. HAHA

Oh, how I miss those days seeing them frequently on TV. I remember feeling giddy whenever I watch their episodes. I always had a good laugh with them. :D

You've got to check this out. ♫♪ Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!
It's one of the best stupid songs ever! ;)


  1. kabaaaal!xD
    haha.mujud bal!
    confusing sad bya jud unsa sila na creatures!
    murag iro para nako c stimpy!hahaha

  2. HAHA.. makamingaw sila J noh... wa naman sila ron sa Nicktoons eiii... HAHA

  3. bally!!!! am sooooo happy you're here.... :) can't wait for more posts....wohoooo :)