Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dominate the Airwaves

Yey! For double-offs! After four consecutive days of work, I finally got the chance to breathe and escape from the toxic environment of our workplace. It was not really that bad (I meant the working environment), it was just too draining.. . mentally, emotionally and physically. . *Sigh* Not that bad right? haha.. .

Anyhoo.. . to keep myself from boredom, I decided to venture out and searched for interesting purchases. .. I already had some things in mind so I hurriedly dressed up after having my nails done and went to Cebu's Manhattan, Colon, to do some thrift shopping. My impulsivity striked again! So it was more like impulsive shopping instead. eheh. Just see the pictures below for my cheap finds. After which I headed to the mall to grab some copy of Cynthia Alexander and Franco's CDs. .. since I was coveting them for the longest time.. And I did! I did bought them albums! YEY!! ;)

After a while, I was starving really bad after I searched a couple of music shops to buy their albums. And to my surprise, I realized I was headed to bankruptcy! Mayday! Mayday! So I just rushed home and endured the epigastric pain along the way. . . huhuhuh. .. ;(

I didn't mind getting broke the last minute and getting hyperacidity. As long as I've got one more day to rest to fill my airwaves with good music and fill my stomach with good food then I'm alright with that.. . eheh.

Cheers to more day offs! ;)

I am so obssessed with vintage rings and only to find the cheapest sources in Colon!


Cynthia Alexander

Them dominate my airwaves ♫♪ ♫♪♪

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