Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paint for the Kids!

To add splashes of vibrant colors on the dreary walls of a preschool classroom.
Because we believe it would help stimulate the child's imagination, learning and cognitive development.

Day 1: Straight from work, we headed and sailed towards Tubigon, Bohol. The classroom we were about to create a mural paint was situated at a local school in a remote hometown of Leigh's father in Inabanga, Bohol. The project was planned and organized by Leigh over a year ago and finally it has come to a reality. 
Just right after supper, we started cleaning the clutter in the area and did the base coat. It was a lot harder than I thought. 
 It took us 2 exhausting hours before we called it a night.  
Day 2: Before our other friends could arrive later in the morning, we went ahead with the mural painting. Our goal was to do everything in just one day. And by the thought of it made me feel anxious. Leigh tasked me to create the lay out for the back drop and honestly, I had not constructed a lay out design because I was used to creating things spontaneously. Though I went over and browsed the internet the previous night just to muster some ideas, I did not have a vivid picture of what we should create.
          I started to fret about getting everything done before the sun sets. However, as the time went by and with the help of my committed friends who devoted tirelessly in this project, we were able to accomplish our goal! ;) 
 After a few options, the teacher decided she preferred the 'Jungle' theme. 
Portrayed sweet and dainty looking animated animals to add a charming feel. ;) 
 Numbers and the alphabet across the dainty side of the wall. ;)
 The beautiful aftermath.
 After a very long and demanding day, we treated ourselves with grilled eats, mild booze and great laughters throughout the entire night.
Nothing beats a sleepover with such cool and chaotic friends like them DDGs. ;)
 Day 3: We just could not leave Bohol without having to take a dose of the sun, sand and sea of Panglao island. 
I have never been so proud of my girls (and boys) ;).  
Because WE ROCK! \m/

bohol 2011 from el torrefranca on Vimeo.

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