Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nabuang sa Dagan

at Danao, Bohol Municipal Hall (Starting Line)

We seriously needed to do warm up!

My aunt made it to 6th place in the 11K category. So proud! ;)

Uncle held up proudly his mud soaked runner shoes after crossing the finish line

Adrenaline Rush!

 Went up and down on not less than 12 Chocolate hills
crossed two average strong currents of Danao rivers
endured running, hiking, climbing along slippery and muddy trails of rice and corn fields with my leg muscles trying their best to support me
embraced the scorching heat of the sun
trying to catch every breath
refilling my grumpy stomach with 3 bottles of water
helping out fellow runners when they hit the ground
achieved the 11K Finish Line with a big smile on my exhausted face. ..

Pure Awesomeness!\m/


  1. ahhhh garaa ani bal uy! congratsss!! suya ko!!! :))

  2. as een moy!!! Lami kaayu ni!!! mag ingunani gud ta ninyo!!!!