Friday, February 05, 2010

I have never imagined myself going on a diet. I mean that would be so ridiculous. I'm skinny and I'm seriously underweight. I would even discreetly mock on people who think they're gaining some pounds even though they almost resemble my physique. I was grateful back then thinking I get to eat whatever I want until the last 2 years.. .

It happened back in 2008. Everything was going well. .. until one time I experienced my very first urinary tract infection. I never considered it as a serious disease. All I needed was doses of antibiotics for a week or more. .. and perhaps increasing oral fluid intake. .. or so I thought. .. I consulted to a doctor in a local hospital and underwent a series of laboratory exams and my result was pretty bad. I religiously took the medication the doctor prescribed anyway. And after a week of taking it I went through another lab procedure again. This time the results were the same. .. I began to doubt.

I sought for medical assistance with another doctor in a prestigious hospital. This time it's a specialist. A nephrologist to be specific. She briefly assessed me and finally concluded a presumptive diagnosis. At first I was clueless about the disease. I never heard of it. I know I came from a medical school but I must have missed that part. hehe. Anyway, she responded to my puzzled look and gave me a comprehensive information about the medical condition. I thought I was unfortunate enough to own this disease. I was in denial at first but what can I do. .. *sigh* sucks to be me.. .

Moving on, my physician advised me on a few things; take my supplement religiously, have some good rest and lastly go on a DIET. fuck. It hit me so bad. It was the last thing I want to hear. I never considered dieting. It's not even in my vocabulary. huhuh... I have to stick on veggies, fruits, fish, seafoods. . . meat would be in moderation only plus low salt foods. But as the years advanced, my diet progressed as well. .. I am NO to high protein containing foods/drinks, lesser meat, lesser salty foods.. . God, I hate restrictions. .. for the sake of my health... *sigh*

For two years, I have been experiencing a lot of discomforts and worse, my urinary tract infection keeps on coming back. Seriously, I am sick of the feeling. On a positive note, I get to anticipate the pain that I'd be going through so It is not that hard for me now but still it sucks. Furthermore, I have been cheating on my diet frequently. Come on, I can't resist pizza, lechon, korean noodles, salted shrimps, stroganov, Tanduay Ice, etc.. . I know.. . I'm such a stubborn ass.. I am jeopardizing my own health... . crazy me. ..

Just recently, I endured another "kidney attack", it's what I call, and this time it's more tormenting. I had frequent episodes of difficulty in breathing, nausea, flank pain, fatigue, bloody urine and sleep problems. As usual, I went a trip to my doctor and she was even more concerned with my lab results now. The value of protein in my urine marked up from my usual 10 - 30 mg/dl to 300 mg/dl. I felt quite alarmed and I considered going through kidney biopsy to confirm my diagnosis and to obtain the prognosis of my condition as well. But not for now.. . I still have to save up for the cost. I do not want my parents be shouldering the expenses of my medical care. It's too much. I need to get back to work soon so I can save up for this procedure. I'm seriously prioritizing my health. Think of it, I'm too young to get ill.. .. .

But hey, I'm never giving up. Although I admit sometimes I get depressed with my situation. But I realized that there's so much to life than getting sick. This does not stop me from doing what I want. I still want to practice my profession even though it's the number one aggravating factor of my condition. I just need to be extra careful now that I know my limitations. I know things will turn out good soon. .. I hope and pray hard. . .

and the rest.. I leave it all up to God.. . .

if curious about my condition CLICK HERE for more information. .

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